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If you own a farm, do you have the reliable agricultural insurance you need? During unexpected events, replacing your losses can be costly. I’m Danny Grant, an independent insurance agent at Danny Grant Agency in Levelland, TX, and I have nearly 40 years of experience working with clients just like you. I provide top-quality and cost-effective farm insurance that will protect your assets during unforeseen circumstances.  

A farm is an expensive operation. You have acres upon acres of crops, barns full of livestock, and expensive equipment to keep protected. You’re responsible for maintaining these crops, the large plot of land where your farm operates, and the livestock. In addition, you might have workers you need to pay. Insuring your property with the right agricultural insurance coverage prevents a major financial loss in the event of a natural disaster, vandalism, theft, or a loss of revenue.

Agent Specialized in Farm Insurance 

Crops are easily vulnerable to all sorts of weather conditions, including drought, wind, floods, and hail. Crop insurance keeps you protected if there is a loss of revenue due to these natural disasters or a declined cost of agricultural commodities. I offer various types of crop coverages to meet your needs and budget. 

 But crops aren’t the only vulnerable component of a large farm. Your livestock is disease- and accident-prone, which can increase your risk of loss. The insurance I provide to my clients is affordable and protects against accidents, including shootings and attacks from other animals. And much like crop insurance, your livestock is covered in the event of a natural disaster, too. 

 In addition to Levelland, I also serve clients in Lubbock and Littlefield with top-quality agricultural insurance. Find out why Danny Grant Agency in Hockley County is the leading insurance consultant in the South Plains. Call today to schedule your appointment.

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40 years of experience, I can ensure you’ll get placed in a policy best for you and your property. My long and successful history allows me to identify what insurance policy is the best fit for my clients.


When you work with me for your insurance needs, I will thoroughly examine your property, and then carefully recommend a policy based on my findings. It’s important for me to be thorough to ensure you get the proper coverage.


Running a farm and maintaining expensive equipment can quickly add up. Affordable coverage not only keeps your property protected but keeps you within budget.

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MCPI (Multi-Peril Crop Insurance)


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